Diddi Cars / Space Hoppers

For more fun you can add diddi cars / space hoppers to your party.

£5.00 each
Tots deluxe play zone Treehouse theme



Alternatively with 6 diddi cars £100.

Jungle Castle

11ft x 13ft. Minimum indoor room height 8ft

Bug Castle

11ft x 13ft. Minimum indoor room height 10ft 6inch

Princess Castle

11ft x 15ft. Minimum indoor room height 10ft 6inch

Party Fun Castle / Slide Combi

15ft x 18ft

Jungle Theme

12ft x 15ft

Princess Theme

12ft x 15ft

Carnival Theme Castle / Slide Combi

12ft x 18ft. Minimum indoor room height 9ft

Dalmations / Micky and Minnie Mouse

15ft x 15ft (8ft High)

Jungle Fun Run

25ft x 10ft, 8ft high

Bouncing Boxing

15ft x 15ft

Disco Theme

14ft x 19ft

Small Slide

16ft x 10ft (9ft platform)

Giraffe Bounce

20ft x 24ft

Super Slide

25ft x 14ft (12ft platform)


18ft x 10ft (13ft High)

Bungee Run

35ft x 12ft (8ft High)


18ft x 18ft

Giant Safari Slide

30ft x 14ft (16ft Platform)

Sumo Wrestaling

Suites For Children and Adults

Race Barrier with Diddi Cards and Space Hoppers

Approximately 20x20ft
Didi cars / Space hoppers can be hired separately