It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to users or damage to the inflatable. Please ensure that the following safety instructions are followed which forms part of the conditions of our public liability insurance.
  1. Children using the castle must not be taller than the height of the inside wall. This is approximately 12 years of age.
  2. Food, drink and gum are not to be consumed on the inflatable. (to avoid choking & damage)
  3. No person shall be permitted to partake under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substance.
  4. All shoes, badges, jewellery or other potential sharp objects must be removed. It is also recommended that spectacles are not worn.
  5. To avoid damage to the unit, face paints, party poppers, streamers or silly string is not to be used on or near the inflatable.
  6. Smoking and barbeques are not permitted near the inflatable.
  7. Climbing, hanging or sitting on the walls is dangerous and must not be allowed.
  8. A responsible adult aged 18 or over must supervise the users of the inflatable at all times and must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  9. The responsible adult supervising must ensure that the inflatable is not overcrowded. The numbers allowed on the castle is governed by the height of the children using it. Our operators are able to give advice on the number of children allowed on the castle.
  10. Avoid large and small children using the inflatable at the same time. Be aware that some children may require strict supervision.
  11. All equipment must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and recommendation, including limitations with regard to height or age.
  12. If the inflatable is not being used for any part of the day, switch the blower off at the mains. When switching back on a test of the electric must be carried out using the safety cut out device.
  13. Do not allow users to bounce on the step / front apron. The step is there to help users get on and off.
  14. The inflatable must not be used by anyone with a history of back or neck problems.
  15. Do not allow users on the unit during inflation and deflation.
  16. If the unit is being used outside, in the event of strong winds the blower must be switched off at the mains and the unit allowed to deflate. In the event of rain, the castle should remain inflated to avoid water entering the inside through the seams. The castle must not be used when the bed of the castle is wet. Once the rain has stopped, to avoid injury due to the slippery surfaces, it must be dried with a towel before further use.
  17. Periodic checks of the anchor points must be made.
  18. The blower has a safety cut off device that will stop the motor if it should overheat. In the unlikely event that this occurs the blower must be switched off at the mains and we must be informed immediately.
  19. The vent at the side of the blower must be kept clear at all times.
  20. Any extension lead provided by us must be the only one used to connect the blower to the mains. The extension lead must be fully unwound from its reel.
  21. The hirer is responsible for the bouncy castle and must pay for any damage caused or theft of the castle or any other equipment during the period of the hire.
  22. Once the castle has been set up by the operator it must not be moved to a different location.
  23. If you are unsure about anything then please contact us.


All persons using the inflatable do so at their own risk. The person or organisation hiring the equipment will be responsible or liable for any damage to the equipment or injury to persons using it from or as a result of recklessness, misuse or not adhering to the above guidelines.

These guidelines are for the safety of all people using the equipment and it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to.

Castles 4 kidz cannot be held responsible for any injury caused to persons using the equipment.

NOTE: Castles 4 Kidz has £5 million public liability insurance cover. A copy of our policy can be supplied on request.